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Inspiration Monday

February 28, 2011

The internets never cease to amaze me! There are so many clever people out there doing so many clever things -and here are a couple I’ve found recently:
Plinky is a tool for writers and wannabe writers. It provides you with a daily prompt to get you writing, and if you’re uninspired by the prompt of the day you can trawl through their archives and pick something from a previous day.

You can also read other people’s answers,  follow people whose style you like, and be followed by others who like your style.

If only there was a tool to help with generating interesting blog post titles!

Pinterest is….hmmm…kind of an image cataloging service. A ‘virtual pinboard’. It’s been a lifesaver for my hard drive, I’ve been able to upload/offload all the precious saved images I’ve collected over the years, and it lets me organise them into themed ‘boards’ (such as food, home, craft etc). You can look at other peoples boards too, and search by keyword for images – an amazing inspirational tool. Some people even seem to be selling products via Pinterest, (don’t be alarmed, there is no hard sell)  COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE, I warn you.

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